Isma Olaxess Goes Emotional as he Narrates the Pain of Being Unable to Sire Kids

Social media critic and political commentator Isma Olaxess real name Ibrahim Tusubira has gone emotional as he was narrating the pain of not having a kid at his age.

Isma Olaxes, who was born in 1970, is always candid about the fact that he is unable to become a father.

His detractors have long exploited his failure to induce pregnancy as an insult to discourage him, but he has always seemed unbothered.

While attending a church service at pastor Bugembe’s Worship House House in Nansana earlier today, Isma Olaxess got into several topics, including his inability to have children.

Isma stated that despite his entire body operating normally, physicians informed him following a medical examination that he was unable to fertilize women’s eggs.

Isma Olaxes

He went on to stress that as a result, he was stressed and developed grey hair at an early age. He is nevertheless grateful that he received sound advice and that he can now discuss it publicly.

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The social media blogger further disclosed that because of God’s love, he cast his worries unto him and that he frequently visits places of worship where men of God pray for him.

Pastor Bugembe comforted Isma that he was in God’s good graces and that, like Sarah in the Bible, he would soon become a father.


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