Ghetto Kids

It Was Recorded Last year, Ghetto Kids Proprietor Dauda Kavuma on their Britain Got Talent Feature

Ghetto Kids proprietor Dauda Kavuma has detailed more regarding the group’s feature at the prestigious Britain Got Talent.

On 15th April 2023, ITV’s Britain Got Talent search series aired its first episode, with the feature of Uganda’s Ghetto Kids.

What caught many people’s attention, was the Golden Buzzer that the group secured following their jaw-dropping performance.

However, while speaking in an interview earlier today, Dauda Kavuma revealed that the show was recorded earlier towards the end of the year.

Ghetto Kids

He noted that prior to the show recording, they put pen to paper with the Britain Got Talent management, and were cautioned against leaking information regarding the show before it aired.

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Dauda adds that Patricia Nabakooza didn’t take part in the auditions, because the time of the show’s recording was unfavourable for her owing she was gearing up for her UACE exams.


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