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“I’ve Been Cindy’s Fan Since Childhood. I Will Give Her Flowers on 15th Sept” – Sheebah Karungi

Former Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi has acknowledged being her rival Cindy Sanyu’s fan since her childhood.

In her just-concluded press conference on Friday this week, Sheebah Karungi responded to most of the queries regarding her rivalry with fellow singer Cindy Sanyu.

It is here that Sheebah revealed how ready she intends to give Cindy her flowers at her YOLO festival since she is one of the people that laid her musical foundation.

Sheebah argued, however, that Cindy’s constant battles with the people she claims to have assisted defy comprehension.

Despite Cindy’s assertions that she is better than Sheebah, the self-described Karma Queen insisted that she had managed to dominate the game for more than ten years unlike her who lost her musical grip.


Sheebah added that in her 10-year musical tenure, she has achieved a lot that her longtime nemesis Cindy has failed to acquire up to now.

It should be noted that Cindy has always bragged about being Sheebah’s musical mentor, and was recently quoted revealing that she wrote the latters’ first song.

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Sheebah concurred with Cindy’s claims and made it known that she was the latter’s fan since childhood, before vowing to give the self-styled ‘King Herself’ her flowers during her impending YOLO festival in September this year.

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