Abba Marcus, Alien Skin, Champion Gudo

“I’ve Never Heard of Clever J or Alien Skin” Abba Marcus

Singer Jose Chameleone’s elder son Abba Marcus has revealed that he has never heard of the singers Clever J, Alien Skin, and his bodyguard Champion Gudo.

For several months, Alien Skin has dominated the media and is one of the most-selling musicians in the country currently.

However, despite the fame surrounding Alien Skin and Champion Gudo, Jose Chameleone’s son Abba Marcus has revealed that he has no idea who the singer is.

Abba made the revelation during a TikTok live broadcast, where he was addressing his followers about his family and his lifestyle.

Despite the fact that the singer is his uncle, he continued, “I don’t know Clever J either.” All of Abba’s uncles are people he is familiar with, but he is certain that Clever J is not one of them.

Abba Marcus

Abba Marcus further hinted that he intends to make a surprise visit to Uganda where he will meet most of his relatives in the country.

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It should be remembered that Abba Marcus, his mother and siblings relocated to the USA, where they’ve been residing for a couple of years now.


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