Abba Marcus, Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone’s Son Abba Marcus Reveals His Father is Fine

Singer Jose Chameleone’s elder son Abba Marcus Mayanja has revealed that his father’s health is out of the worrying state.

A few days ago, the tragic news of musician Jose Chameleone’s illness in the USA, which required emergency surgery, shook the internet.

The development after the singer’s stomach complication worsened, during his musical tour in the USA.

Stuart Godfrey Kagoro, Jose Chameleone’s public relations officer (PR), released a press release updating the public on the singer’s current health condition to calm the fans’ anxiety.

Stuart reported on social media that Chameleone is being closely monitored by the doctors to ensure that he recovers quickly.

Abba Marcus

Jose Chameleone’s son Abba Marcus reaffirmed that his father is making steady progress towards recovery and has been released from the hospital.

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While providing an update on TikTok, Abba promised to host him throughout the live session so that his supporters could see him.


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