Jenkins Mukasa Reveals Lwasa Sold His iPhone 14 Pro Max for Ugx 1.5M Before Going to Prison

According to media personality and critic Jenkins Mukasa, city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa sold his iPhone 14 for as low as Ugx 1.5M before going to Luzira prison in the course of this week.

After eluding his debtors in a prolonged game of hide and seek, Emmanuel Lwasa was apprehended on Tuesday (Oct. 24) and brought before the court for his failure to settle debts totalling Ugx 18M.

During the court proceedings, Lwasa’s intimate acquaintances took the initiative to gather funds to ensure that he does not end up in jail.

Their efforts, unfortunately, did not yield the desired outcome as the funds generated fell short of satisfying Lwasa’s creditors and he was sent to Luzira for a few days.

In the process, Lwasa realized despite his attachment to his pricy iPhone 14, sacrificing it was a necessary step to have some money on him as he went into imprisonment.

With a heavy heart, he made the difficult decision to sell it, and one of the onlookers happily handed him Ugx1.5.

Lwasa Emmanuel

Word of Lwasa’s decision quickly reached Jenkins Mukasa, who had been aware of his financial struggles and recounted the details during an interview with Spark TV.

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Jenkins revealed that while Lwasa’s intimate acquaintances endeavour to gather funds to settle his debts, they ought to consider acquiring him a mobile phone too, as he presently lacks one, yet it will be indispensable for him upon his release from incarceration.


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