Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone has no kind words for his haters

Leone Island artist Dr. Jose Chameleone has responded to his critics who have been consistently disapproving of him.

In recent weeks, Jose Chameleone has been a topic of discussion, especially after his ex-wife Daniella Atim publicly accused him of mistreating her during their marriage.

During his birthday celebrations, Chameleone addressed any potential haters, stating that he no longer seeks forgiveness for things he never did.

Chameleone emphasized that just as they dislike him, he also does not have any fondness for them.

jose chameleone

He highlighted his accomplishments, such as getting married at 27, building his first house in Sseguku at 24, and purchasing a home in the US by age 40.

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Upon reaching the age of 45, he made a conscious decision to adopt a new resolution that he is confident will bring prosperity to his life and his loved ones.


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