Miles Rwamiti urges Jose Chameleone to uphold his legacy and avoid performing at local cheap bars

Media personality Miles Rwamiti has advised singer Jose Chameleone to uphold his legacy by avoiding performances at local bars and instead focusing on organizing one grand show every month.

During a press conference, Miles Rwamiti emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of Ugandan musicians such as Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone while they are still active in the industry.

Specifically addressing Chameleone, Rwamiti highlighted the need for the renowned artist to prioritize quality over quantity in his performances.

He suggested that Chameleone should limit his appearances to smaller venues and concentrate on hosting larger concerts in various regions across the country.

Miles Rwamiti,

This, according to Rwamiti, would not only help Chameleone maintain his status as a respected artist but also allow him to reach a wider audience and showcase his talent on a bigger platform.

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Rwamiti’s advice to Chameleone is aimed at helping the artist leave a lasting legacy in the music industry and continue to be a positive influence for future generations of Ugandan musicians.

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