Daniella Atim

Jose Chameone’s Baby Mama Daniella Atim Remains Hopeful That She Can Find Love Again

Singer Jose Chameleone’s baby mama Daniella Atim remains hopeful that she can find love once again.

Daniella Atim has for a while been hinting at the possibility of her romantic relationship with singer Jose Chameleone having come to an end.

On her 39th birthday, Daniella took to her Instagram account to express her thoughts in a heartfelt letter. She expressed her desire for love to come into her life without causing her any pain or deception.

She hopes that love will not subject her to unnecessary trials and hardships in order to prove her worthiness.

Daniella Atim

Furthermore, Daniella emphasized her readiness to embrace love with open arms, letting go of all the pain and heartache from her past experiences.

She hopes that love will not test her like a litmus paper, subjecting her to unreasonable challenges. She also stressed her intention to make love feel safe and secure by putting her best foot forward.

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Daniella hopes to never take love’s blessings for granted and she believes that at the age of 39, she is now mature enough to understand that life truly begins at this stage.


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