Jovan Luzinda

Jovan Luzinda And His Manager Thumped By Angry Event Organizers in Masaka

Singer Jovan Luzinda, along with his manager and crew members, experienced a violent incident during the Christmas holiday in Masaka.

According to Jovan Luzinda, he was booked by event organizers for a 7-Dayz performance in Masaka on Christmas, providing him with a deposit of Ugx 1M.

On the day of the event, Jovan Luzinda and his band arrived early but refused to take the stage until their balance was fully paid.

Jovan Luzinda went on to address the crowd through the microphone, informing them that he would not perform until his payment was cleared.

The event organizers were infuriated by this move, asserting that the event fell short of their expectations and demanding that the singer fulfil his commitment. However, Jovan remained resolute in his decision.

In response, the organizers resorted to violence and attempted to attack the singer who managed to disappear and escape unharmed.

Jovan Luzinda

The manager, who tried to protect Jovan, was unfortunately injured during the altercation, suffering from injuries to his eyes and teeth.

The Mbirizi Police had to intervene to restore peace, firing warning shots into the air. Jovan Luzinda’s band members quickly secured their equipment, including guitars and others.

During the scuffle, one police officer sustained a fractured limb. The Police confiscated 7-Dayz equipment, and some members of the event management were arrested pending further investigation.


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