Grace Khan, Jovan Luzinda

Jovan Luzinda refutes ever being in a romantic relationship with Grace Khan

Singer Jovan Luzinda has denied any claims of ever being romantically involved with fellow singer Grace Khan.

He clarified that their relationship has always been platonic and that he has only been a supportive friend to her.

Jovan Luzinda emphasized that he values Grace Khan as a friend and colleague and that any speculation about their relationship being anything more than that is unfounded.

He stated that they have always maintained a professional and respectful dynamic and that he has never given her any reason to believe that he sees her in a romantic light.

Jovan Luzinda

Furthermore, Jovan made it clear that he is focused on his career and personal growth, and that he has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Grace Khan.

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Furthermore, he addressed rumors of Grace Khan wanting to reignite a romantic connection with him, attributing any misunderstandings to the friendly nature of their interactions.


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