Jovan Luzinda

Jovan Luzinda shares struggles with witchcraft in the Music Industry and his suicide contemplation

Singer Jovan Luzinda shared his experience of being bewitched in the music industry during an interview with Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika.

During one event, a show attendee gave him money hidden under what appeared to be a copse as a token of appreciation.

In another incident, a colleague approached him after his performance, and reached into Jovan Luzinda’s pocket, with the intention of taking some of the money that fans had given him.

Luzinda mentioned that he confronted his colleague about stealing his money, advising him to ask instead of snatching, and ended up giving him some money from his pocket.

He explained that after these incidents, he faced numerous challenges such as being attacked by witchcraft, experiencing difficulties at home, and struggling to earn a living.

Jovan Luzinda

Jovan Luzinda revealed that these troubles were caused by individuals he considered friends and girlfriends who sought revenge through witchcraft.

After enduring a great deal of suffering, he even contemplated ending his life and attempted to consume poison since his family did not believe his claims.

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Fortunately, when he tried to consume the poison, he was saved by God who reassured him that it was time for him to stop suffering and begin the healing process.

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