Judith Heard

Judith Heard Explains Why She Wants Her Body Cremated on Passing And Ash Kept in Her House

Socialite Judith Heard has expressed the desire for her body to be cremated when she dies and the ash to be preserved within her house.

Judith Heard is among the mourners who turned up in big numbers at the late Pherrie Kim’s burial yesterday in Seguku.

Prior to Pherrie’s passing, she left a stringent testament that necessitated compliance by those responsible for her final rites.

Judith found inspiration from Pherrie’s will, and during an interview with gossip journalist Josephat Sseguya, she also disclosed her own testament.

Judith Heard conveyed her desire for her remains to undergo cremation upon her passing, with her body kept in her bedroom until the exact moment of the cremation process.

Judith Heard

Heard based her decision on the premise that she could potentially be buried a considerable distance away from her residence, and it is possible that her loved ones might encounter significant delays in visiting her final resting place.

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In order to prevent such an occurrence, Judith Heard desires that her cremated remains be preserved within a pot, and positioned within her house so that her children may have the opportunity to view it at their convenience.


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