Kasuku hints at holding a traditional introduction ceremony

Media personality Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku has hinted at organizing his customary introduction ceremony with his partner.

In an exclusive interview with Spark TV, Kasuku revealed his intention to personally finance the event, opting not to seek any financial assistance from his colleagues.

This decision stems from his past experiences, where friends faced disrespect after their ceremony money was raised by colleagues.

With a firm resolve, Kasuku explained that he has carefully chosen this approach to avoid any potential complications or strained relationships that may arise from financial transactions.

By taking full responsibility for the funding, he aims to maintain control over the event and ensure that it proceeds smoothly without any external influences.


Furthermore, Kuku Wazabanga disclosed that only a select group of 100 colleagues will be invited to the highly anticipated ceremony.

This exclusive guest list has been meticulously curated, and those who have not received an invitation will regrettably not be allowed to attend.

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This decision, while undoubtedly controversial, reflects his desire to keep the event intimate and focused on those individuals who have played a significant role in his life and career.


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