Keko Explains the Reason to Her Overweight

Keko’s weight has been an issue of concern among critics who have severally poked jokes about it, prompting the rapper to shed light on the cause of her physical transformation.

Several years back Keko fled the country to the USA to pursue her academic ambitions. She enrolled in Toronto Film School before capping up her studies in 2019 with a degree in Film Production.

While appearing in an interview with Galaxy FM, Keko revealed that she had planned to return to the country after her graduation, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world sabotaging her plans.

She says that because there wasn’t much to do besides sleep and eat throughout the COVID-19 time, she became overweight in the process.

Keko also mentions that the pandemic rendered many people into depression, and she expresses relief that the disaster came to an end.


The rapper also mentioned that she attempted to return to the country during the COVID pandemic and had already booked her ticket with Ethiopian Airlines, but she lacked the necessary COVID documentation and hence was denied access to the plane.

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Keko acknowledged missing Uganda’s nightlife, family, friends, and Rolex before expressing gratitude that she is now back here.


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