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Keko Reveals She Is Open to a Music Battle With Navio

Rapper Keko real name Jocelyne Tracey has made her intentions known for taking on fellow rapper Navio in a music duel.

A few weeks back Keko returned to the country much to the excitement of her fans who had long craved her throughout her musical hiatus.

Since her return, she has been making several media tours, the most recent being Galaxy FM at the Evening Rush show.

It is here that Keko delved into numerous topics regarding her music career, and her determination to take on Navio in a music battle.

Kako made the revelation while answering a query about who she would face in the music battle in her rap music genre.


The Make You Dance rapper attributed her decision to face Navio in a music duel to the fact he is currently the best, having held a successful concert recently.

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Keko further revealed that she and Navio would put up a good show at their music battle, and she is confident she has the ability to outperform him.


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