Keko Pleads With Fans For a Second Chance, Admitting Alcohol’s Impact On Her Music Career

In her heartfelt plea for a second chance, talented rapper Keko bravely confronts the detrimental impact that alcohol has had on her once-thriving musical career.

With utmost honesty and vulnerability, she acknowledges the mistakes she has made and takes full responsibility for the consequences that followed.

Recognizing the importance of growth and redemption, Keko expresses her sincere desire to make amends and rebuild her musical journey.

She humbly appeals to her fans, acknowledging their unwavering support and understanding that she has let them down.

With newfound clarity, she vows to prioritize her well-being and commit to a sober lifestyle, recognizing that she currently resides with devout family members who will guide her back on track if she veers off course.


Keko further extends an open invitation to collaborate with any musician who shares her passion for music.

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Despite holding Canadian citizenship, Keko reveals that she has no intentions of returning to the country that once served as her home, pointing out that she returned to Uganda to stay for good.

She also stressed that after reclaiming her position in the Ugandan music industry, she plans to hold a concert at an indoor location, such as Serena, Sheraton, or similar venues.


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  1. Yeah, she is still have that zeal, according to her performance yesterday had saw that she can managed we need to give another second chance still thanks,

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