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Kenyan Content Creator Azziad Walks Out a Radio Inverview Over Disrespect | VIDEO

Kenyan content creator and radio personality Azziad Nasenya furiously walked out of a radio interview over disrespect.

In the course of this week, Azziad was hosted at Radio Maisha where Mwende Macharia was the show host.

The show went down amicably until Mwende Macharia got into the topics Azziad felt unconfirmed to discuss while live on air.

Despite their initial agreement not to bring up the matter, Mwende asked Azziad how she felt about losing her job at Talanta Hela.

Azziad disclosed that she had no response to the query before telling Mwende that by asking her questions they had agreed not to discuss she was disrespecting her brand.


“I will honestly walk out of here because we cannot agree on something and you go back on it. You do not respect me as a brand and I cannot appreciate that” Azziad said before storming out of Radio Maisha studio.

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Azziad’s decision of walking out of the studio elicited divergent reactions, as a section of internet users claimed she was imitating Kameme Goro.

Others, on the other hand, applauded the content creator for standing up for her rights and tracing the exit where respect is not served.

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