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King Micheal Recounts How Sobi Saved Him From Jose Chameleone’s Wrath.

Singer King Micheal has recently shared a story about how the late notorious ex-Kifeesi leader Sobi came to his rescue during a feud with singer Jose Chameleone.

The death of Sobi, who was a well-known gangster, sparked mixed reactions among Ugandans. While some criticize him for his past actions, others praise him for his good deeds.

In a recent interview, King Micheal reminisced about his encounters with Sobi. He revealed that during his heated rivalry with Jose Chameleone in the past, Sobi intervened to settle their grievances.

Micheal explained that when he realized Chameleone was almost driving him out of the music industry, he sought help from Sobi and shared his discontentment.

It was during this time that Sobi, who was at the now-defunct club Amnesia, called Micheal to inform him that Chameleone was present.

King Micheal, 20 years of of king micheal,

Micheal hurried to Amnesia, where Sobi advised him to remain calm in a safe place. As Chameleone left the club with his entourage, Sobi called out to him in a seemingly disrespectful manner, which provoked Chameleone’s group.

Chameleone’s crew engaged in a scuffle with Sobi’s thugs, resulting in the latter prevailing victoriously. Following this, Sobi directed Chameleone to walk towards him, something the Leone Island boss respected.

When Chameleone approached Sobi, the latter asked if he knew King Micheal. Chameleone acknowledged knowing him and explained that they had already resolved their issues sometime back, hence marking the end of their rivalry.


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