King Saha's mother, King Saha, Ebiseera Ebyo Concert,

King Saha’s Mother Reacts to Son’s Drug Addiction Criticism

At the recently concluded “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert, revellers from various backgrounds showed their support for the singer, including his mother.

Midway through the concert, King Saha’s mother addressed the press and expressed her gratitude to God for enabling her son to create history and to the enthusiastic attendees who showed up in large numbers.

Additionally, she was asked about the ongoing criticism regarding her son’s alleged use of intoxicating substances, which supposedly led to his hospitalization last year.

She emphasized that ears are meant for hearing, and she has always been aware of the criticism surrounding her son, but she entrusts everything to God.

However, the mother, who revealed that Saha is her firstborn son, refrained from discussing how these allegations personally affected her.

King Saha, Sheebah, Ebiseera Ebyo COncert

Instead, she acknowledged that her son had once been poisoned, attributing it to the malicious intentions of individuals who surround him.

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Furthermore, the mother fervently beseeched the benevolent Lord to safeguard her son and bestow upon him profound wisdom to accomplish even greater feats in his journey through life.


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