Konshens, Blankets and Wine

Konshens Achieves Record-Breaking Attendance at the Blankets and Wine 2023 | VIDEO

The highly anticipated Blankets and Wine event at Lugogo Cricket Oval featured a remarkable performance by Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens.

Despite the less-than-ideal venue conditions, the crowd remained enthusiastic and resourceful, using polythene bags to protect their shoes.

At 11 PM, Garfield Delano Spence alias Konshens took the stage, igniting the already energized audience into a frenzy.

From start to finish, the dancehall star maintained an impressive momentum, captivating the crowd with a mix of his classic hits and new dancehall jams.

Garfield Delano Spence

Midway through his performance, Konshens was joined on stage by the legendary singer Jose Chameleone, a testament to the high esteem in which he holds him.

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The Cricket Oval was packed to capacity, with all entry tickets sold out, confirming the overwhelming success of the event.


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