Laika, Harmonize

Laika Music and Harmonize Ink Selves With Matching Tattoos

Ugandan budding singer Laika Umuhoza and Tanzanian singer Harmonize have etched themselves with matching Tattoos.

Since Laika appeared in a video clip intimately dancing with Harmonize, rumours have been swirling suggesting that the two could be dating.

The two singers, however, have chosen to etch themselves with matching tattoos rather than speak out about the rumours.

Harmonize and Laika gave an update about their newly acquired matching tattoos through their respective Instagram stories, where they flaunted their three inked beamed notes (Music symbols) around their necks.

“Should I put a new face on my skin? Hi my camera woman Laika lla sijuwi nitakoma lini!!” Harmonize captioned a video depicting him at a tattooing studio.

Not so long after, Laika also shared a video, laying on a tattooing bed shortly after her tattoo was finished, captioning it “New Ink.”

Based on Harmonize’s love history, he enjoys etching tattoos on individuals he embarks on a romantic relationship with. However, he immediately gets rid of the tattoo when the affair hits a dead end his most recent victim being Kajala Fridah.

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Laika’s decision to acquire matching tattoos puts us one step closer to concluding that the two are taking a dating direction.


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