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Laika’s Claims That She Spends Ugx 200K on a Daily Basis Rises Dust on Social Media

Singer Laika real name Laika Umuhoza recently disclosed that she spends a sum of Ugx 200K every day for her personal expenses.

Laika made the revelation during an interview with Sanyuka TV, where she was tasked to remark about her spending habits.

According to Laika, the Ugx 200K is mainly used for her daily needs such as food, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

She also mentioned that she tries to save as much as possible from her earnings and invests in her music career.

Laika’s disclosure has sparked a debate among her fans and followers on social media. While some have praised her for being financially responsible, others have criticized her for spending too much on her daily needs.

Laika Music

Despite the mixed reactions, Laika remains one of the most popular singers in Uganda, known for her catchy songs.

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Her span on the musical scene has seen her release several songs including Overdose, Love Story, and Nzuuno, among many others.


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