Victoria University, Lawrence Muganga, Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Fanirwith Charlotte

Victoria University VC Lawrence Muganga Awards HIHA Award Winner Fanirwoth Charlotte With a Scholarship and Monetary Support

Earlier today, Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga awarded a complete scholarship to Fanirwith Charlotte, a dedicated and talented student at the university.

This scholarship will provide her with the opportunity to pursue her dream of obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree.

The Vice Chancellor’s decision to award this scholarship to Fanirwith Charlotte was not made lightly. It was a recognition of her exceptional academic achievements, as well as her passion and commitment to the field of nursing.

Fanirwith Charlotte has consistently demonstrated her dedication to her studies and has shown great potential to become a successful nurse.

But the good news did not end there for Fanirwith Charlotte. In addition to the scholarship, she was also honoured with a monetary token for her outstanding performance as the First Runner-Up in the Nurse Of The Year category at the 2023 Heroes In Health Awards (HIHA).

This campaign, organized by the Uganda Ministry of Health, aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of healthcare professionals in the country.

The Heroes in Health (HIHA) Awards, established in 2019, is a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Health and Extraordinary Media. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of healthcare workers who go above and beyond their call of duty to save lives and improve the well-being of individuals and communities.

Victoria University, Lawrence Muganga, Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Fanirwith Charlotte

With the scholarship and the recognition she has received, there is no doubt that she will make a significant contribution to the field of nursing and become a true hero in health.

During her speech, Fanirwith expressed gratitude towards Victoria University and the Vice Chancellor for their constant support, as well as her parents and all those who worked hard to ensure her success in the recent awards ceremony.

During his press conference earlier today, Dr Lawrence Muganda disclosed that Victoria University has a primary objective of providing students with practical experience upon completion of their studies.

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To achieve this, Victoria University has implemented various programs such as weekend classes and online courses, among others, to allow students to balance their work commitments while pursuing their academic aspirations.


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