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Levixone, Warafiki to Drop “White Christmas” Rendition | VIDEO

In preparation for the upcoming Christmas festivities, gospel singer Levixone has collaborated with the newly formed Warafiki girl group to release a Christmas song.

The song in the pipeline is Levixone and the Warafiki girls’ rendition of the Christmas classic, “White Christmas.”

Based on the teaser accessed by this website, features Levixone and the Warafiki girls in the studio during their recording process.

Levixone’s powerful and soulful voice takes centre stage, while the Warafiki girls add their unique flair with their smooth harmonies and melodic ad-libs.

The reggae-infused arrangement gives the classic “White Christmas” a fresh and vibrant twist, making it a perfect addition to any holiday playlist.


Following the teaser release, social media platforms have been buzzing with comments and shares, with many expressing their anticipation for the full release of the song.

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The release of this Christmas song is perfectly timed, as it will undoubtedly bring joy and festive cheer to listeners during the holiday season.


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