Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine Blames Former Management For Sabotaging Over 2 of Her Concerts

Singer Lydia Jazmine recently disclosed that she would have already organized two concerts if it weren’t for her former management’s interference.

In 2022, Jazmine decided to part ways with her long-time manager, Ronnie Mulindwa, after collaborating for several years.

Following her departure from the management, Jazmine discovered that there were promoters who had approached her former team with proposals to arrange concerts on her behalf.

During that period, Jazmine had a collection of vibrant songs such as “Same Way,” “You And Me,” “Masuuka, Nkubanja,” and many others.

Roast And Rhyme, Lydia Jazmine,

Two promoters expressed their interest in organizing concerts for Jazmine at prominent venues like Freedom City, among others.

However, her management declined these offers, asserting that the singer was not prepared to pursue such a direction.

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Jazmine firmly believes that she knows numerous musicians who had a single hit song and successfully staged a concert, a prospect that she always admired.

She emphasizes that if her management had accepted these opportunities, she would have already held two concerts, with the forthcoming one being her third.


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