Maama Fiina, SB4, Ann Taylor twins

Maama Fiina Brags About Accurately Predicting SB4 and Anna Taylor’s Set of Twins Delivery | VIDEO

Local traditional healer Mama Fiina proudly claims to have predicted that media personalities SB4 and Anna Taylor would have twins.

In a video circulating on social media, Mama Fiina can be seen assuring SB4 that he will receive the cultural title of “Ssalongo” before the year ends.

Mama Fiina reveals that she had a dream about this joyful news while on a trip to Dubai. In her dream, she mistakenly referred to SB4 by his given name but was corrected by another woman who informed her of his cultural title “Ssalongo.”

Mama Fiina confidently wagered over Ugx 20M and declared that she would renounce her status as a traditional healer if her prediction did not come true.

Fortunately, on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Ann Taylor and SB4 announced the arrival of their twins, much to the delight of their supporters and Mama Fiina herself.

Lanek, Joseph Ngoma, Maama Fiina

Mama Fiina now boasts the satisfaction of accurately foreseeing SB4 and Ann Taylor’s future.

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However, some internet users have cast doubt on Mama Fiina’s prediction, suggesting that SB4 and his wife had already received the scan results and shared them with Mama Fiina, thus implying that she did not truly predict the future.

Have a look at the video below;


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