MUSICMark Stel and Felicia Reveal Relationship Status in 'Ndi Single'

Mark Stel and Felicia Reveal Relationship Status in ‘Ndi Single’

USA-based Uganda singer Mark Stel real name Mark Sesanga discloses his relationship status in a brand-new song cover dubbed ‘Ndi Single’ featuring Felicia.

Since starting his music career at the age of 17, Mark Stel has had a burning desire to seize control and musically represent Africa.

Do It, Yenze Wuwo, and Clock It, among other songs, are tangible examples of the singer’s commitment to realizing his objective.

A while back, Mark Stel teamed up with his sister Felicia, jumping on Tanzanian singer Harmonize’s single track, releasing their own version of the song.

Mark Stel

In the song cover, Mark Stel declares that he is single after facing endless challenges as a result of dating the wrong people.

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Ndi Single is a danceable song that will bring you out on the dance floor, and we are confident that it will be featured prominently in many music charts.

Mark Stel is currently working with Dj Janny P the C.E.O OF Janny Media one of the best music distributors in the country.

Listen to the audio below.

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