Martha Kay

Martha Kay Bags a Certificate in Photography in Kenya

Socialite Martha Kay real name Martha Kemigisha Kagimba has bagged a certificate in photography in Kenya.

Last month Martha Kay shared her unmatched love of photography before revealing how she planned to resume her photography career after putting it on hold for several years.

The actress, photographer, radio host, and content creator set out to polish her photography skills, with a short course in Kenya where she has been living for several months now.

Martha Kay enrolled in the Njeri Photophy’s August intake along with hundreds of others to obtain a certificate in photography.

Among the topics that were tackled during the one-month study span, include retouching, Lighting, camera and other equipment, and the business of photography.

The course has been running for two hours during working days, and students had to cough over Ksh 50,000 (about Ugx 1.2M) for the training.

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After finishing her courses, Martha received a participation certificate and she is looking forward to applying the acquired knowledge in her profession.


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