Martha Kay

Martha Kay Rubbishes Rumors of Being Pregnant

Socialite and media personality Martha Kay real name Martha Kemigisha Kagimba has dispelled rumours suggesting that she is pregnant.

Towards the end of 2022, Martha Kay went mute, leaving her fans with very many unanswered queries about what was transpiring in her life.

A while later, Martha resurfaced and through her Twitter account revealed how she was battling an illness she preferred to keep unmentioned.

The Next Radio Next Tranzit show host further made it known that she was flown to Nairobi for specialized medical care, and despite fulfilling her obligations at the Naguru-based radio station she has been under medical supervision.

For a couple of weeks now, Martha Kay’s fans noticed that she has been absent from the Next Radio hence drawing conclusions that she was pregnant, and had quit the media house to go on maternity leave.

Martha Kay

Earlier today, however, the actress extinguished the rumours through her socials, which have been spreading like wildfire.

Attaching one of her chats with a colleague who was inquiring about her pregnancy and Next radio exit, Martha maintained that she is neither pregnant nor getting married to some hajj as suggested by gossip mongers.

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Martha Kay added that she is still an employee of Next Radio and attributed her absence to currently being on a medical leave.

I am still an employee of Next Radio guys!!!! I am not pregnant and I am not getting married to some Hajj. Everything is false. I am just on leave.

-Martha Kay-


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