LIFESTYLEAfter Months-Long illness in Nairobi, Martha Kay Welcomed Back to Her Duties...

After Months-Long illness in Nairobi, Martha Kay Welcomed Back to Her Duties at Next Radio.

Socialite and Next Radio Next Tranzit show presenter Martha Kemigisha Kagimba alias Martha Kay is back in the country after months of ailment in Nairobi Kenya. 

Martha Kay flew to Nairobi at the end of 2022 for specialized medical attention after being troubled for a while by a concealed illness.

She broke the unfortunate news through her Twitter account, where she revealed that she had been in a poor health state for a while.

Her ailment saw her boss Kin Kariisa, who was en route to a meeting in Nairobi, get time off his busy work schedule to pay her a visit at the hospital.

Martha Kay

Over the weekend, Martha took to her Twitter account, revealing how she had touched down at the +256 successfully.

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She was earlier today welcomed back to her duties by a couple of the Next Radio staff, with a bouquet of flowers before broadcasting today’s Next Transit show alongside James Peterson and Ronnie McVex.

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