Mathias Walukaga, Bebe Cool

Mathias Walukaga Reveals Mutual Dislike Between Him and Bebe Cool

Kadongo Kamu singer and  Kyengera Town Council Mayor Mathias Walukagga has expressed his aversion towards Bebe Cool, highlighting their mutual dislike for each other.

This revelation came about when Walukagga was questioned about his absence from Bebe Cool’s annual list despite his musical talent.

The Lubaale Aluma singer, in his reply, emphasized his conviction that Bebe Cool harbours strong animosity.

Mathias Walukaga recalled an incident at Mesach Semakula’s concert a few years ago, where Bebe Cool acknowledged everyone except him.

This left Walukagga puzzled, as he believed it had nothing to do with politics, considering the political climate at that time was not intense.

Mathias Walukagga

The Kadongo Kamu singer firmly stated that Bebe Cool harbours hatred towards him, and he reciprocates the same feelings.

He dismissed rumours that their discord stemmed from Rema Namakula’s departure from Gagamel, clarifying that she was never signed to his label.

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Mathias Walukaga further mentioned that although he would be willing to attend Bebe Cool’s funeral when the time comes, their relationship may not improve while they are still alive.


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