Matia Luyima, Nakakawa

Matia Luyima Refutes Marrying His Nakakawa at 9 years

Veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Matia Luyima has downplayed reports that he wed Sauda Batenda Nakakawa when she was just nine years old.

Decades back, Matia Luyima recruited Sauda Batenda Nakakawa to his Super Singers music group at the age of nine.

According to Matia Luyima, Nakawkawa’s addition to the Super Singers was a request from her father, who wanted his daughter to pursue a musical career.

Matia fostered Nakakawa’s musical talent while serving as her custodian, and he also enrolled her in a number of schools, including Kyabakade, Kamuli, and Nabagereka.

Matia Luyima, Nakakawa

He added that since most of their songs revolved around marriage, this generated speculations among their fans that the two were married.

According to Matia, when Nakakawa reached adulthood, her father recommended to him that he marry her because she had even finished her studies.

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They started a very happy marriage that resulted in kids and grandchildren and since they’ve never fought or parted ways.


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