Maureen Nantume

Maureen Nantume Apologizes For Her Failure to Perform in London

Singer Maureen Nantume has apologised to her fans in London after being unable to attend the booked event.

Scheduled to grace the stage at the highly anticipated Mesach at 46 event at the Royal Regency Hall on December 2nd, 2023, Maureen was unable to attend.

To address the situation and express her sincere apologies, Maureen Nantume turned to her social media platforms, with a heavy heart, sharing the unfortunate news with her loyal supporters, and acknowledging that undisclosed reasons prevented her from fulfilling her commitment.

Understanding the disappointment and frustration her absence may have caused, Maureen took the opportunity to extend her heartfelt apologies to her fans and the organizers of the event.

She expressed her deep regret for not being able to be present and perform as planned, emphasizing her genuine desire to connect with her fans and showcase her talent on that special night.

Maureen Nantume

In her message, Maureen Nantume humbly acknowledged that sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and despite her best intentions, circumstances beyond her control can arise.

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Looking towards the future, Maureen expressed her hope that, if it aligns with God’s will, she would have the opportunity to make it up to her fans and the organizers.


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