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MC Galaxy Demands An Apology From Chosen Becky Following Payment Dispute.

MC Galaxy is requesting an apology from Chosen Becky following recent allegations that he did not fulfil his payment obligations towards her.

Becky recently expressed her frustration with the event organizers who failed to pay her remaining balance for her performance.

She was supposed to perform at the Collins Hotel in Mukono, and while she received the booking fees, the remaining amount of Ugx 3M was not paid upon her arrival at the venue.

During her performance, she asked about her balance payment, but the promoter refused to honour their agreement.

Chosen Becky took to her social media to express her frustration, specifically targeting MC Galaxy, whom she accused of not paying her despite receiving the money.

Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

However, MC Galaxy denied these allegations and clarified that he was hired as an emcee and had no involvement in paying Chosen Becky.

Contrary to Becky’s prior assertion that she arrived at the venue early enough, Galaxy explained that Chosen Becky arrived at the event venue late at 2:00 AM.

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MC Galaxy urged Becky and her partner, who acts as her manager, to issue an apology and if they fail to do so, he is prepared to take further action.


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