NEWSMC Kats Pledges to Help Ex - Side Chic Faith Ntaborwa

MC Kats Pledges to Help Ex – Side Chic Faith Ntaborwa

Next media host and celebrated events MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba has pledged to help ex-side chic Faith Ntaborwa.

On Saturday 19th May 2023, a video clip depicting Faith Ntaborwa’s dreadful health condition made rounds on social media.

In the video, Faith can be seen having a conversation with a close friend, but very thin as though she has been missing meals for a while.

Upon Mc Kats crossing paths with the post revealing Faith’s prevailing health condition on the Exclusive Bizz Instagram account, he was so quick to react, revealing intentions to help his ex-lover.

Taking to the comment section, Kats revealed that after contracting the HIV virus, he had a lot of unanswered questions like ‘Who When Why.’


However, none of these could make reverse the fact that he was HIV positive hence embarking on medication and schooling the public about the deadly virus.

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Kats urged whoever is in contact with Faith to call him as he is ready to help, before noting that pointing fingers never heals or solves anything.

A lot of questions ran thru my head for years. When I Tested HIV positive.
Who When Why. All this could not reverse or Change anything
Anybody in contact with Faith please Dm me. pointing fingers never Heals or Solves anything.

MC Kats

However, sources close to Faith reveal that her prevailing health state was brought about by drug addiction and depression following accusations from the public that she was HIV positive.


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