Meddie Ssentongo, Bad Black

Meddie Ssentongo Breaks the Silence, Addresses Bad Black’s Defamatory Accusations

Maddie Ssentongo has finally broken the silence and decided to address the defamatory claims made by his ex-lover, Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa.

Over the years, Bad Black has consistently spoken ill of Maddie, with her most recent interview labelling him as illiterate and unlucky.

These claims made by Bad Black have deeply affected Maddie, prompting him to take to Facebook to address the issue.

In a post where he shared a video of Full Figure defending him, Maddie revealed that Bad Black has been engaging in numerous malicious activities and spreading false accusations about him, which have greatly harmed his reputation in the eyes of the public and her loved ones.

Maddie emphasized that Bad Black continuously tarnishes his name day and night and that her claims are always baseless and untrue.

Meddie Ssentongo, Bad Black

Furthermore, Maddie pointed out that Bad Black only speaks about him to gain something for herself, realizing that if she didn’t involve Maddie’s name, she would have nothing to gain.

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At this point, Maddie felt compelled to remind Bad Black, whom he considered a friend and sister, that his mother raised him to respect women in all circumstances, and less of that he would have stooped to her level.


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