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Melissa Mulungi Dispels Rumors of Stabbing Lydia Jazmine in the Back

Ugandan singer based in Germany Melissa Mulungi real name Nakawunde Bulwanyi Senfuma has watered down rumours suggesting that she stabbed her best friend Lydia Jazmine in the back.

A few days back, Lydia Jazmine took to Snapchat to express her disappointment with her female friends.

In her publication, Jazmine cautioned her friends to keep under observation those they move, work and stay with because people are vicious lately.

Jazmine added that after realising that some friends are not genuine, she revised her friends’ list, and scrapped off everyone that didn’t deserve her kindness.

Melissa Mulungi

Being a good person comes with a lot of problems eh but regardless we move.

The so-called ‘friends’ we get hmm! That’s y Nze nakowa I said bye” to everyone that doesn’t deserve my kindness, my energy..

Emikwano!! era tewabula disappointments! Only that twabimanyira, by now, it hurts though… Bcz we human, we not metal and some of us are real one..but we always end up with the fakes. Not fair

Y’all please look out on who you move, work stay with etc be curious with whom you call friends my lovelies! Cruel world we live in today abantu babi nyo!

Bless up.

Abawala Wahala naye mukikola mutya! Oba some of us were raised out of this works lol.. I thank my mother because nahh

However, Melissa Mulungi being one of Lydia Jazmine’s closest friends, critics were so quick to castigate her, pointing out that she is the one the Masuuka singer was referring to.

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Upon Melissa crossing paths with the allegations, she laughed them off, before noting that Lydia Jazmine and her aren’t just friends, but rather family and that is for life.

Melissa Mulungi


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