Kato Lubwama

Mesach Semakula Hints at Kato Lubwama’s Funeral Arrangements. To Be Burried after 7 Days

Singer Mesach Semakula has revealed that the late Kato Lubwama is to be laid to his eternal resting home after seven days.

In the wee hours of 7th June 2023, singer, actor and former Rubaga South member of parliament Kato Lubwama was pronounced dead after collapsing in his car while heading home.

His driver was so quick to rush him to the hospital, but medical staff found that neither his heart nor his pulse were still beating, indicating that he had passed away en route.

Mesach Semakula disclosed to the media earlier today that he learned of Kato’s passing on Wednesday morning around one in the morning.

He immediately rushed at Stana Medical Centre in Kitebi where Kato’s body was lying lifeless, before being taken to Mulago hospital for a postmortem report.

Kato Lubwama

Mesach Semakula emphasised that Kato Lubwama had specified in his will that he preferred to be buried after seven days.

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He further implied that a memorial service would be held at the Lubaga Cathedral and that because he was a former member of parliament, he would also need to be carried to the legislature for a final farewell as well as the National Theatre.


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