Catherine Kusasira, Fred Seruga

Mesach Semakula Reveals the Genesis of Fred Sseruga and Catherine Kusasira’s Marriage

Celebrated veteran musician Mesach Semakula recently explained how former bandmate Catherine Kusasira ended up Fred Sseruga’s wife.

During his speech at a gathering recently, Mesach Semakula revealed that he is one of the individuals who nurtured Catherine Kusasira’s music career.

Mesach adds that when Kusasira had just left school at Mitala Maria to venture into music, she met him at his two-bedroomed home along Busabala road.

However, Mesach who was preoccupied then, tasked Fred Sseuga to evaluate Catherine Kusasira’s vocal ability to determine whether she qualifies to join their Band.

Not only did Fred Sseruga evaluate Catherine Kusasira’s vocal prowess, but he also made her the woman of his dreams.

Catherine Kusasira, Fred Seruga

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Ever since, Catherine Kusasira and Fred Sseruga embarked on a romantic relationship, and in 218 they legalized their marriage with a colourful introduction ceremony that saw various Ugandan A-listers take part.


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