Mesach Semakula

Mesach Semakula Warns Musicians Against Taking Their Battles at His Restaurant

Veteran singer Mesach Semakula has issued a strong warning to musicians defaming his Papaz spot business by having catfights there.

For a while now, musicians have been using Mesach Semakula’s Papaz Spot restaurant as a battleground. A few weeks back, Alien Skin embroiled in a physical brawl with events’ promoter Nobert before Grace Khan and Kid Dee locked horns at the same hangout spot.

Yesterday singers Grace Khan and Kid Dee traded blows and sharp insults at Mesach Semakula’s Makindye-based restaurant.

The couple’s altercation at Papaz Spot damaged the restaurant’s reputation, which led to several customers airing their complaints.

Grace Khan was quick to issue an apology to Mesach Semakula for misconduct at his business and pleaded with him to find a spot in his heart and forgive her.

In the same vein, Mesach Semakula has apologized to his Papaz Spot esteemed customers for what happened yesterday.

Mesach Semakula

Mesach cautioned artists not to take his generosity for granted because he would stop acting like the collected individual they are used to and begin acting like a businessman.

He added that his business hosts all kinds of respectable people, who wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced by musicians’ battles.

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The former Eagles production singer maintained that his business is his retirement plan, and wouldn’t want anyone to mess up with it.

Mesach urged Papaz Spot guests to follow the restaurant’s rules and pledged to impose strict security measures and a serious attitude in order to prevent further acts of disrespect.


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