Pouline Kemigisha

Mikie Wine’s lover Pauline Kemigisha graduates at the Uganda Aviation Academy

Singer Mikie Wine’s lover Pauline Kemigisha has completed her studies at the Uganda Aviation Academy, bringing her great joy.

Yesterday, Pauline joined the ranks of hundreds of graduates at the 12th Uganda Aviation Academy Graduation Ceremony.

Today, she has taken the opportunity to share cherished memories from her graduation, including photos and videos, with her partner Mikie Wine, as they celebrate this significant achievement.

Her graduation ceremony was a culmination of all her hard work and determination. Surrounded by her fellow graduates, Pauline walked across the stage with pride and accomplishment. The applause and cheers from the audience echoed her success, filling her heart with joy.

As Pauline Kemigisha received her certificate, Pauline couldn’t help but reflect on the challenges she had overcome throughout her academic journey.

Pauline Kemigisha

The late nights spent studying, the rigorous exams, and the demanding coursework were all worth it at that moment. She had proven to herself and others that she had what it takes to excel in aviation.

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Despite her specific area of expertise remaining undisclosed, Pauline Kemigisha is now a certified aviation professional.


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