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Nobat Events threatens to rival Ray G’s concert with a free born-again crusade after a fallout

Ray G’s concert, which was highly anticipated by fans, is now hanging in the balance due to a bitter fallout between the singer and the event’s promoter, Nobat Events.

The dispute arose when Ray G allegedly showed a lack of respect towards Nobat by directly approaching event sponsors and undermining the organizer’s crucial role in securing the venue.

Nobat, feeling deeply disappointed by Ray G’s unprofessional behavior, was particularly irked by the fact that the singer had been selling concert tickets without his knowledge.

This blatant disregard for the promoter’s authority and involvement in the event left Nobat with no choice but to cancel Ray G’s concert altogether.

In a surprising turn of events, Nobat decided to take matters into his own hands and organize a born-again crusade at Lugogo Cricket Oval on the same date as the concert instead.

To further appease the public, Nobat announced that the entrance to the crusade would be free of charge, allowing everyone to attend and enjoy the spiritual gathering.

Nobat Events

Realizing the magnitude of the situation, Nobat reached out to one of the event sponsors, a prominent Telecom company, urging them to cease their threats and assist in finding an alternative venue for Ray G.

Nobat’s intention was to ensure that the musician would still have the opportunity to perform, albeit at a different location. UMA Showgrounds was suggested as a potential venue, offering a suitable alternative for Ray G’s concert.

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Nobat Events refuted allegations of his rift with Ray G as a mere publicity stunt to boost their concert, affirming its authenticity.


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