Carol Nantongo

Most Ugandan Musicians Are Not Talented but Hardworking – Carol Nantongo

Singer Carol Nantongo has revealed that most stars in the Ugandan music industry are not talented.

According to the former Golden Band singer, for one to be a complete musician, he/she has to be talented and hardworking.

However, most musicians in Uganda are hardworking but their talents are not impressive.

Carol who made the divulgence while in the Galaxy FM studios, noted that the only way these half-baked musicians get airplay on radios and TVs is by facilitating presenters.

Carol Nantongo

It is at this point that the “Oliwa” star urged fellow musicians to work on their vocals and sound to add value to their music.

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She further urged presenters to give a platform to rising stars, since they have the talents but their music is suffocated by big musicians who pay the media yet their talents are even questionable.

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