Mudra D Viral, Winnie Wa Mummy

Mudra D Viral confirms launching content creator Kets Vybz 256 alias Winnie Wa Mummy’s music career

A few days ago, Mudra D Viral hinted at his plans to launch content creator Winnie wa Mummy alias Kets Vybz 256 into the music industry.

He even asked his followers to come up with a suitable stage name for the content creator Winnie Wa Mummy.

During a recent press address, Mudra D Viral officially announced the signing of Kets Vybz 256, emphasizing her musical talent that will surely captivate music enthusiasts.

He stressed that he saw it wise to venture into talent management, as he plans not to spend so many years in singing.

Mudra clarified that signing Kets does not mean replacing Ava Peace, who joined TNS, as they both possess unique potential.

Furthermore, he addressed rumours about exclusively signing female artists, stating that they are easier to manage.

Mudra D Viral

Mudra D Viral expressed his excitement about working with Winnie Wa Mummy and helping her reach her full potential in the music industry.

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He mentioned that he sees great potential in her and believes that she has what it takes to make a name for herself in the music world.


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