Vian Music, Mudra D Viral

Vian Music reportedly quits Mudra D Viral’s management after agreement fell through

Singer Vian Music born Seguya Huzaifa has voiced his frustration and disappointment with Mudra D Viral, for failing to fulfil their promises and sign him.

Vian claims that he has been under Mudra’s management since the COVID-19 lockdown, and he has always promised to make him the label’s lead singer.

When Ava left for Team No Sleep, Mudra assured Vian that he would be the next artist to be signed and promoted. However, to Vian’s dismay, Mudra has been signing multiple other musicians, seemingly neglecting Vian’s career in the process.

This blatant disregard for their agreement has left Vian feeling disheartened and betrayed.

In response to this mistreatment, Vian has made the bold decision to sever ties with Mudra’s management. He believes that this step is necessary to protect his artistic integrity and ensure that his career is not hindered by false promises and neglect.

Vian Music, Mudra D Viral

Despite the potential consequences, Vian Music remains resolute in his decision and warns Mudra and his team against any attempts to threaten or intimidate him.

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Vian Music firmly believes that he deserves better treatment and will not be silenced or coerced into accepting a situation that does not align with his artistic vision and goals.


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