Mudra D Viral

Mudra D Viral Halts Performance, Warns Comedian Who Mocked Muslim Believers

Singer Mudra D Viral real name Sebunya Alfa expressed his discontent with a comedian who made a joke that seemed to mock Muslim believers.

During one of Mudra’s recent performances, he had to halt his performance to deliver a warning to comedians and the general public about the importance of respecting people’s religious beliefs.

According to Mudra, before he took the stage, a particular comedian had made jokes that disrespected Islam, suggesting that a Pig had called to Muhammed.

These remarks did not sit well with the “Muyaayu” singer, who called for an immediate end to the disrespect towards religions.

Mudra and Ava Peace

Mudra also urged the audience to always hold their religious beliefs in high regard and never allow anyone to disrespect them.

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Furthermore, he made it clear that if it hadn’t been during a performance, he and his team would have confronted the comedian for such a foolish action.


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