MUSICMultitalented Taine Debuts New Song "Static" | AUDIO

Multitalented Taine Debuts New Song “Static” | AUDIO

TAINE is an independent Ugandan performer, self-taught songwriter, and record producer. Her performances tend to involve intricate movement, singing, and audience interaction.

She continues to incorporate elements of numerous musical genres, such as alternative pop, Afro beats/afro-fusion, and hip hop, into her unique works while in the studio.

Her debut single, “Static,” was written, produced, and conceptualised by herself before being enhanced, mixed, and mastered by producer Axon and musician Joshua Baraka.

Static is generally a slow dance song that works best when performed live and it is a mashup of several genres.

Static draws inspiration from dancehall which can be heard best in the drum pattern, a core element of the song.

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The song’s structure and vocal delivery are both indicative of the Afro-pop inspiration within it. The lyrics of the song utilize a minimalistic but confrontational attitude, adding to the mysterious energy of the song and making it more enjoyable to sing along to.

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