Winnie Nwagi

“My Brand May Not Survive If I Part Ways With Swangz Avenue” – Winnie Nwagi

For a while now, rumour has been making rounds speculating that songbird Winnie Nwagi is on the verge of parting ways with her record label Swangz Avenue.

Speaking in an interview with Galaxy TV, the singer addressed the hearsay, before pouring cold water on it.

Winnie Nwagi acknowledged ever being persuaded by her close friends and relatives, to detach her brand from Swnagz Avenue.

These claimed operating under Swangz Avenue, the singer is being cheated and managing herself would shoot up her income inflow.

Winnie Nwagi

However, the singer believes she needs a more experienced team like Swangz avenue for her music and brand to flourish.

She further stressed that carrying her brand’s tasks on her shoulders is hectic yet she is not ready to carry such a burden.

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The Mataala star noted that she doesn’t know what the future holds, but as long as she pays her bills, her daughter goes to school, she doesn’t lack and things are done the way she wants, she believes Swangz is the right place to be.

If I decide to manage myself, you will hear after a few years that Winnie Nwagi is no more. Because some things you can’t handle alone. You need a team that is experienced. So for me, I feel I am glad I still have a team.

I don’t know what the future holds but for now, I feel I am in the right place as long as things are done the way I want them to be, I pay my bills, my daughter goes to school and I don’t lack.

Winnie Nwagi


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