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“My Family Dwelled in a Friend’s Basement Before I Bought a House in the US”- Jose Chameleone

Leone Island Music Empire boss Jose Chameleone reveals how his family first dwelled in a friend’s basement before he bought them a house in the USA.

While giving his testimony during a Sunday service at Bethel Healing Centre of Pastor Irene Manjeri in 2019, Jose Chameleone expressed gratitude to God for the great things he has done in his life.

Chameleone recollected that when his son Abba Marcus acquired a scholarship to study in the United States he decided his entire family to relocate there.

However, due to financial constraints, the singer was unable to provide his family with appropriate housing, forcing them to dwell in one of his friends’ basements.

Chameleone mentioned that his wife and their five children resided in a one-room unit and had to perform all tasks there.

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After days and nights of prayer, Chameleone was able to purchase a new home for his family in the USA, relieving them of their plight.


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